What's Wrong with Me? Why is my husband looking at Porn?

This page is specifically for the wife of the porn addict


It's difficult to imagine, let alone understand why your husband is looking at pornography. Self-doubt and a poor image of yourself as a woman are natural feelings right now.

In this section we will try to help you gain a rudimentary grasp as to what's going on in your husband's mind. There is a physical process happening in his brain that is creating a chemical addiction that can be very difficult to break. Why is my husband looking at porn? What's wrong with me?

Together we will discover not only the why but the how as well. How can you help him? How can you understand him? How can you get beyond your own pain and grief to be a support for him as he battles this horrible beast?

Until this section is ready for release, let us reassure you that it's not the end of the world (or your marriage) - even though it sure feels like it. There is hope!

Your first step is to go before the throne of God in prayer. Ask Him for wisdom in how to handle this. Ask Him for guidance in how to love your husband through this. And ask Him for peace and patience as you work through this. God will hear - God will answer.

Please don't wait till this section is complete - contact us. We would like to pray for you. If you have questions, please ask and we will answer you. Don't give up hope, don't quit on your marriage. Look to Heaven and watch for the blessings God will bring to you as you go through this hard time!

Don't Wait for This Section to Be Finished ...

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