What Is The Point of Accountability?

Weekly Accountability

We meet for 1-hour each week.


Christ Centered Coaching

We study God's Word together.


Strategic Plan for Purity

We help you create a plan for ongoing purity.

The Purity Coach helps you develop a strategy for being porn free

What You Get with The Point of Accountability Program

The Point of Accountability is an affordable program geared specifically to help YOU begin the process of becoming accountable to another person. I partner with you for up to four months, teaching you what accountability should look like while holding you accountable for your sexual purity. This program not only trains you on the point of accountability, but it's a great starting point for accountability as well. Our goal is for you to find a godly man whom you trust to hold you accountable for years to come.

  • I act as your accountability partner for a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 16 weeks;
  • We meet via telephone, webcam, or in person for an hour each week;
  • You must install Covenant Eyes on all your devices and have me as your accountability partner;
  • You are given weekly homework assignments which include Bible Study, Scripture Memory and answering a set of questions;
  • Each week we review your accountability report, homework, and Scripture Memory;
  • We will develop a set of personalized accountability questions focused around your struggles;
  • My wife and I are also available to talk with your spouse to help her through the healing process;
  • I will speak with your accountability partner to help him know what to do in the future.

Cost: $125 per month, non-refundable.
Why non-refundable? In this battle, it's important that you "put some skin in the game." Free is great - but free doesn't motivate you to stick to it and fight through the tough times. I don't want you to "try" this out. When we try something, often when the going gets rough we decide it's not working and we quit. To quote a sage ol' alien I once knew "Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try." (Yoda - Star wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)

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Please understand that your involvement in this program does not provide any guarantee on the part of Steve Etner or The Purity Coach. In other words, we are coming alongside of you for the purpose of coaching you toward accountability and purity. I am not a professional counselor and I cannot guarantee you specified results. I am, however, a man who has been where you are and has seen God work in my life in a mighty way. I'm here to encourage you, to challenge you, to pray with you, and to share with you what God has taught me. I look forward to coming alongside of you in this journey!

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