For The Pastor: Help with the issues of lust,
pornography and masturbation

In This Section:

Counseling the Porn Addict

Helpful tips, suggestions and resources for the pastor who is counseling the porn addict.

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The Pastor Addicted to Porn

Pastor, do you struggle with porn? You're not alone. Here you will find help and healing.

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The Church Devastated by Porn

If you're a church leader seeking to help your congregation recover from a pastor's fall, this section will offer you some help and hope.

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From the heart of a Pastor who has been there:

Not only was I at one time a pastor who was addicted to porn, I sought counsel from pastors who didn't know how to help ...

This section of The Purity Coach Website is dedictated solely to the pastor and lay leadership of the church. The Purity Coach is here to help you on three separate fronts. Pastor dealling with Porn Addiction - there is help

First, we want to help you understand how to properly counsel the man who is sitting in your office because he's struggling with porn and masturbation. There is a right way, and a wrong way to approach him. Many pastors mean well, and have a great counseling ministry, but they lack an understanding of the deep heart issues this sin creates.

Second, there is a growing number of pastors who are struggling with their own issues of pornography and masturbation. Their battle is deeply internal. Driven by fear of failure and reprisal, they go to any length to keep their battle a secret. They try to fight it on their own, but they keep losing ground. I was such a pastor. God miraculously turned my life around and He can do the same for you.

Finally, because God promises that our sin will find us out (Numbers 32:23), there are many churches reeling from the fall of their pastor. Could it have been prevented? How do they handle the pain and the disappointment, as well as the fear of it happening again? Can the pastor be restored? Should he be? There are many questions, and God gives us the answers.