Extreme Mind Makeover - How to Transform Sinful Thoughts & Habits into God-Pleasing Patterns of Life

About the Book

This book challenges readers to change their everyday actions by changing their everyday thoughts. God-pleasing lives start with God-honoring thoughts. Since each of us thinks thousands of thoughts every day, it's critical that we grasp the significance of starting on the right foot.Steve Etner's book  "Extreme Mind Makeover: How to Transform Sinful Thoughts and Habits into God-Pleasing Patterns of Life"

Rich with over 300 Scripture references and scores of practical illustrations, Extreme Mind Makeover is a book that will help you live a more God-honoring life by starting with a solid foundation. As you examine the truth of God's Word and apply it to the thoughts you choose, you will begin to experience true life-transformation. If you have been struggling to overcome sinful habits, this book is for you. Steve's biblically sound and practical advice will give you tools and confidence in facing change. You can turn those sinful habits into God-honor patterns by changing your thoughts, one-by-one.

About the Author

Steve Etner is passionate about connecting with men about the issues pertaining to their sexual purity. His passion has taken him all around the nation, speaking with men at conferences, retreats and special events hosted by churches. Once you read Steve's book, you'll understand why this topic is so close to his own heart, and you'll see how his practical advice can help you, too! Be sure to check Steve's other titles, "A Biblical Toolbox for Purity" and "Are You a Super Man?"

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