Authentic Accountability

A great tool for helping each other stay pure!

What is Accountability and What Should it Look Like?

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In this section we will be addressing what accountability is so we have a clear understanding of what will be expected of us as accountability partners. We will also dig deeper into authentic accountability to understand what it should look like - how often should we meet, what are the defined goals and objectives of meeting, how do we measure "success"?


What is Authentic Accountability?

How to Select Accountability Partners & What Questions Should be Asked?

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In this section we will explain the process of selecting an accountability partner. What is the criteria? Who would make a good AP and who would not? How do we ask and what should we ask? We will also discuss the types of questions that we should be asking one another. We will also talk about how to respond when our AP shares a fault or failure.


How to select Authentic Accountability partners

"The Point of Accountability": Helping You Get Started

The Point of Accountability is an affordable program geared specifically to help YOU begin the process of finding an accountability partner. We partner with you for up to three months, teaching you what accountability should look like while holding you accountable for your sexual purity. This program not only trains you on the point of accountability, but it's a great starting point for accountability as well.

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The Point of Accountability program - helping you learn how to be accountable