What Is The Purity Coach?

Bible Based

Everything we teach is built from God's Word.


Christ Centered

Everything we do is focused upon setting Christ as Lord.


Strategic Plan for Purity

We help you create a plan for ongoing purity.

The Purity Coach helps you develop a strategy for being porn free

What You Get with The Purity Coach

God's Word is the Focus of All We Do

"How can a man keep his way pure? By living according to (God's) word" (Psalm 119:9).

Our ministry is all about equipping men and training men how to live in purity, integrity and godliness. Through our Point of Purity Program, we furnish and provide you with the tools from Scripture and the experience from practical application needed to accomplish the goal of lasting sexual purity.

Everything The Purity Coach does is geared to getting you into the Bible.

Christ Centered Training

To live FREE from addiction to pornography, The Purity Coach provides Christ-Centered Training

Through the Point of Purity Program I meet with you one-on-one weekly, and with the tools I give you - I train you in how to live out God's standards of purity, integrity and godliness. I help you learn how to be the man God intended you to be.

In short, through this proven program of purity I coach you how to be a sexually pure man, free from the pull of lust, pornography and masturbation.

Learn how to Develop a Strategic Plan for Pursuing Purity

A lesson I learned the hard way is this: no matter how much I may want to be a pure man, wanting it isn't enough to make me do it. For example, I may want to lose 20 lbs. but unless I develop a plan of action, my want to will be a no do.

Through our proven Point of Purity Program, The Purity Coach is here to help you develop a strategic plan of purity. You will learn how to:

  • set achievable (measurable) goals,
  • effectively change your thought process when faced with temptation,
  • powerfully stand firm against temptation in any form,
  • develop a consistent program of Bible study and prayer,
  • understand the importance of godly accountability,
  • become a godly man of purity and integrity.

Are You Ready for A Purity Coach?

Let us help you know victory over addiction to porn, lust and masturbation.